exploring Utah – arches national park

arches national park blog It was hard to leave our amazing house in Alton, UT but we needed to keep driving West. As we made our way over to our cabin in Moab, Gaston mentioned that his Dad had asked why we weren’t doing all of the Mighty 5 Parks in Utah. Call me impractical,Continue reading “exploring Utah – arches national park”

exploring Utah – zion national park

zion national park blog Jamie, my best friend Gaston and I decided we were going to plan an escape. We routed a mini road trip through Southern Utah and ended it at my and Gaston’s hometown of Highlands Ranch, CO. What started as a quick trip led to a five month national park tour aroundContinue reading “exploring Utah – zion national park”

exploring Utah – escalante national monument

escalante national monument blog As our journey continued on from Zion, we found ourselves lacking sufficient sleep leaving our camp site. A boisterously loud party was popping off near our glamp site the night before so alas our goals of a peaceful campfire, post 27 mile hike was thwarted. We woke up making breakfast forContinue reading “exploring Utah – escalante national monument”

exploring Utah – bryce canyon national park

bryce canyon national park blog After a few days of pretty exhausting exploration, the three of us were pretty relieved to see that the Bryce Canyon itinerary would be significantly lighter. There had been so many people hyping us up on Zion and Moab, but quite honestly, Bryce Canyon was probably the most jaw droppingContinue reading “exploring Utah – bryce canyon national park”

Top 5 Underrated Things to do in Southern Utah

National Parks are a good anchor in figuring out where to start when visiting Southern Utah, but there are some pretty incredible State Parks, Monuments and small towns that you’d regret not popping by. Dead Horse Point State Park Known for it’s vast and incredibly beautiful panorama of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park,Continue reading “Top 5 Underrated Things to do in Southern Utah”

Top 5 Tips When Visiting Arches National Park

Stay in Moab. Arches National Park is one of the more popular Utah National Parks and to best take advantage of your time there, it’s not a bad idea to find a spot in Moab. Not only is Moab a 10-15 minutes drive away, but the town is charming AF. Check out their local brewery,Continue reading “Top 5 Tips When Visiting Arches National Park”

Top 5 Tips When Visiting Bryce Canyon For The First Time

Don’t forget to look up. Can I just say that Bryce Canyon National Park is by far the most underrated Utah park I’ve visited. You always hear about Zion and Arches, but Bryce Canyon took my breath away. We started our journey down the Navajo Loop, transitioned to the Queen’s Garden Trail and then somehowContinue reading “Top 5 Tips When Visiting Bryce Canyon For The First Time”

Top 5 Tips When Visiting Canyonlands National Park

Allot at least two days for Canyonlands, there’s a lot to cover. We made the mistake of fitting too much into one day and with Dead Horse Point Park in between, we were even more strapped for time. All of this beauty surrounds and is the result of two rivers: The Green River and TheContinue reading “Top 5 Tips When Visiting Canyonlands National Park”

Top 5 Tips When Visiting Zion National Park for the First Time

Planning a visit to a National Park can be daunting, especially when you have a limited window of time. As Utah’s first National Park, Zion has an unlimited amount of hikes, drives and photo friendly backdrops for you to explore. Because of this, it also can end up being quite crowded and overwhelming. Here areContinue reading “Top 5 Tips When Visiting Zion National Park for the First Time”