Top 5 Tips When Visiting Bryce Canyon For The First Time

Friends hiking the Navajo Loop at Bryce Canyon National Park
Frondship hike via the Navajo Loop at Bryce Canyon National Park
  1. Don’t forget to look up.

Can I just say that Bryce Canyon National Park is by far the most underrated Utah park I’ve visited. You always hear about Zion and Arches, but Bryce Canyon took my breath away. We started our journey down the Navajo Loop, transitioned to the Queen’s Garden Trail and then somehow ended up at the various Inspiration Points to the top. There is not a bad view in the park. Sometimes I was so transfixed on what was in front of me that I forgot to look up. Below are some examples of why you should look up.

2 . Read up on the history, geology and wildlife of Bryce before you go.

Learning about the erosion of sedimentary rocks and how this incredible valley of hoodoos was formed makes the experience all the more spellbinding. The elevation in the park can create above and below freezing temperatures within in the same day. As a result, any collected rain or snow seeps into the cracks of the rock and freezes. Frozen water expands and thus much the rock erodes over time into the amazing hoodoos we see today.

3. If you like to horseback ride through break taking scenery, this is a spot to do it.

Even after 31 National Park (as of Dec 2020), this the top place I FOMO’d out at when I saw horseback riders pass us by. This definitely seems like a popular spot to do it so looking into in advance might be a wise idea. Especially if you end up doing a longer hikes in the park like Fairyland or Riggs Spring Loop Trails the day before, this could be a more relaxing follow up.

4. Take advantage of the Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive.

Highway 63 takes over where Highway 12 leaves off when you enter the park and it runs through the main part of the park. There are various stopovers, so if you don’t have much time or it’s too hot, it’s an easy way to check out the sites without committing to a hike.

5. Pop by Old Bryce Town for a keepsake or some ice cream.

This town is incredibly cute, and after a long day in the park there’s plenty of options for dinner, dessert and souvenirs. You can even stop by and go to jail!

Woman in Old Brycetown Jail in Utah
Emo Christine in Old Brycetown Jail

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