Top 5 Spots We Loved When Visiting Denver

Star Kitchen Birthday Feast Pickup in Denver Colorado
Star Kitchen Feast on my mother’s fine china
  1. Being a Colorado native, but a Los Angeles resident, I’ve missed out on the food scene explosion that has occurred since I’ve moved away. Pardon being late to the party but, WOW Star Kitchen is amazing.

After King’s Land in Denver closed in 2019, my parent’s and I began to re-explore our dim sum options. Star Kitchen had always been on our radar, but with our favorite spot gone, we had no choice but to try new things. They have it all and all of it is amazing. Dishes you have to have? Lobster special, combination chow fun, roasted duck wonton noodle soup, seafood hotpot, Chinese broccoli. And of course har gow and chu mai, it’s dim sum!!

2. El Taco de Mexico

James Beard Award winning magic. This spot was on numerous lists and next to the office where I used to intern. The highlight is in the name of the restaurant, but I was craving a smothered green chile burrito and Colorado typically is very good at those. IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS. Go here. It’s amazing.

3. Denver Ted’s Cheesesteaks

After having a Philly cheesesteak from Philadelphia “wit whiz,” I can’t go back. Luckily, Denver Ted’s has an amazing reputation for doing it correctly and rightfully so. The sandwiches are incredible and the staff is very helpful and polite. That’s saying a lot considering it’s a pickup/delivery culture these days. In the heart of Denver, this has been an amazing restaurant to watch grow and flourish over the past few years and I hope it continues.

4. Stem Ciders

Outdoor hangs in the Summer in Denver with friends is the best. Stem Ciders makes it easy to spend time with friends and feel safe doing so. The drinks are also very delicious and they have enough variety to satisfy every palette. My favorites were rosé and chile guava.

5. An oldie but goodie, there’s absolutely no way I make a list about Denver restaurants without putting Pho Duy on it.

Pho Duy has had no competition in Denver as long as I can possibly remember. I don’t recall a time where it wasn’t in my childhood and with every visit comes some of the most umami-filled, satisfying, extremely unique broth that sets it apart from every other restaurant that dares to challenge it. What’s wild is that they absolutely kill it in so many other Vietnamese dishes aside from pho.

This was a hard list for me because there are so so so so so many more amazing places in Denver that need to be mentioned. I will devote an entire blog about it filled with passion, detail and critique, don’t you worry.

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