over·​drive | \ˈō-vər-ˌdrīv\

no overdrives.

hey I’m Christine and I work in live music. the year 2020 looked a little different for everyone and like many folks, my partner Jamie and I were feeling blue and thought taking a road trip from our home in Los Angeles to visit family in Denver, CO could be fun. what started with us visiting some parks through Utah on our way, resulted in a full blown National Park obsession (49 parks and counting), driving across America multiple times and learning how incredible this country is.

when I routed tours for artists, it was important to not make a drive between cities too long. 7 hours was our limit before nonstop got to be too much. this extended length of time is referred to as an overdrive. if the length of time driving was too long, it did not make for a pleasurable experience when one would arrive at their next destination. boy did I learn that from direct experience last year. I wasn’t sure what to call this surprise travel blog that started in the middle of an unexpected pandemic and eventual rediscovery of ourselves, but after many a long drives into hot camping, all I knew was I didn’t want anymore overdrives. no overdrives.

along the way, we met some incredible people, ate the most ridiculously delicious food, experienced some life changing moments and learned many tips to keep this wacky journey afloat. we’re here to share it all with you. come along and enjoy. like I tried to route my band, I tried to route our trip with no overdrives. spoiler alert: we had some. Easier said than done!


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